Win The Ultimate Home Gym Setup

Picture the ideal home gym set-up: fully stocked with a studio deck, kettle bell, Jump rope, Core Momentum Trainer (CMT), and Resistance band. We’ve teamed up with Life Fitness India to give away 60k INR worth of gym equipment. And the lucky winner will also be able to fuel their post-workout gains with 15k INR of Myprotein credit per month for upto 2 months.

The competition will be running from 5:30pm IST on 14th Monday until midnight on Wednesday 16th March. You won’t want to miss this one — Here are all the details of what you could win and how to enter….

What equipment will I win?

You’ll be fully stocked with an incredible gym setup. The kit includes:

– Studio Deck
The Studio Collection Deck is an adjustable, multi-functional exercise tool for making the most out of your studio training experience. Use it as a traditional studio step, or use it as an adjustable angle bench to perform various dumbbell and barbell exercises. Packed with utility—the Studio Collection Deck has two different step height adjustments and four back positions, as well as notches for resistance band training and storage inside for accessories.

– Kettle Bell
The Premium Kettlebell offers durable rubber coating and a smooth chrome handle for superior movement. From small group training to individual workouts, this kettlebell excels in adding variety and resistance. Large weight markers are for easy identification.

– Jump rope
The premium vinyl Jump Rope is designed with heavy-duty handles and radial ball bearings for smooth movement. Available in four lengths to fit a variety of exercisers. The Life Fitness India jump rope is perfect for group training and cardio exercises.

– Resistance band
The Life Fitness India Covered Resistance Tube adds durability and peace of mind to a fitness favorite! The stretchy gray nylon sleeve protects the tubing from nicks, cuts, and overstretching. The ergonomic plastic handles feature a textured rubber grip for stability and comfort. Five color-coded resistances are clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60″ long but will stretch. Sold individually.

  • 5 color coded resistances – Extra Light through Extra Heavy
  • Ergonomic plastic handle with textured rubber grip
  • Resistance is clearly visible on the nylon handle strap
  • Tubing is covered by a thick, nylon sleeve to protect it from nicks, cuts and overstretching Tube is 60″ (5’)

– Core Momentum Trainer (CMT)

As the name suggests, the CMT is all about developing the core – and all of the muscles involved in performing movement. The lubricated steel shot inside the CMT collides with the cavity walls and this force transfers to the user. It’s a significant force and you have to work hard to precisely control it – and that’s what develops core strength.


Performing a movement correctly makes sure that the material collides with the ‘sweet spot’ in the cavity. The shape of the CMT and the material itself ensure a force is generated to get the core reacting in an optimum way. Hitting the sweet spot also creates a sharp, sudden sound. A change in tone occurs if the user loses focus or becomes fatigued, so users and coaches alike get instant, audible feedback to accompany the physical experience.

How will I fuel my home-gym sessions?

You didn’t think we’d forget about nutrition, did you? We’ve also thrown in 15k INR of Myprotein credit per month for upto 2 months, so you can stock up on your favourite supplements to keep you fuelled for some killer workouts.