What equipment do I need for a home gym to achieve my fitness goals?

New COVID standards and substantial changes in our lifestyle make it even more difficult to follow fitness goals.

Before anything, find the best spot to carry out your fitness workout routines. It should be well-ventilated, spacious, must have good lighting, and should be a comfortable place to sweat in.

Many people buy an “all-in-one” home gym supplies but won’t use it if it doesn’t match their fitness goals. A “pro gym setup” at home covers your basic fitness types and its best indoor workout equipment like cardio, strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and recovery.

Let’s discuss all of it below.

Cardio Exercises

  1. Treadmills

Most of the treadmills come with an interactive and high-definition screen to stream videos. It is safe-to-use exercise equipment with advanced technology which reduces the risk of slipping/lost balance.

It best fits in with the user as it gives a good range of adjustable options on speed, warm-up, cool-down, and a monitor of energy spend. The result gives the same effect as walking or jogging.

  1. Water Rower

Water Rover is a total body exercise equipment that involves more muscles and can burn up to 15% more calories than other fitness routines. This workout feels fluid and natural calming down your muscle. It can be moved in and out of the room or can be adjusted to the upright position when not in use.

  1. Recumbent Bike

It is designed to aid and help anyone with joint /knee problems. It also reduces the risk of future workout injuries.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

There are many ways to set up a home guy for strengthening activities, whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert. You can choose one or more pieces of equipment and collate your weight lifting.

Remember, you need to get a light to heavy weight lifter based on the muscle type.

  1. Strength training

We have a wide range of strength training equipment that has a variety of workout drills like dumbbells, sturdy bench, plates bars, and so on. It protects muscle tissues, bone health, body fat and also reduces the risk of injury.

It boosts your metabolism, helps you burn more calories as well as improves your quality of life. It also helps your joint/knee injuries.

  1. Dumbbell set

Dumbbells range from light to heavy, from 1kg to 5kg, convenient for everyone at home. It is one of the significant home gym supplies best supported with a set of durable racks.

  • Suspension Trainer Dumbbells (light, medium, heavy). 
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Medicine balls/Sandbags
  • Kettlebell.
  • Barbells and plate weights.
  • Weighted vest.

Fitness and Recovery

  1. Yoga Mat

It offers comfort, durability, and flexibility throughout your recovery and fitness routine. Yoga is ideal for all ages of people and would suit both beginners and professionals alike. A yoga mat is used for balance control and to maintain a correct posture.

Use a large blanket or a towel to start if you don’t yet want to buy a Yoga Mat. It is also nice to have a mirror nearby for a clearer view of yourself.

  1. Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are a great way to release the tension on any tight or sore part after a workout. It comes with a varied surface material that is replaceable according to your wish. It is perfect for massages and tension-relieving exercises.

  1. Battle Ropes / Jump Ropes

Battle ropes improve your mobility in your grip and help in a range of motion. It increases its movement in shoulders, hips, core, knees, feet and ankles. Jump ropes are a great way to reduce fat, improve coordination, endurance and strengthen bone density. It can be added as a fun activity that almost anyone can do.

Finally, follow a good fitness routine plan with a consistent workout that reaches your fitness routine.

Try to save some space to store your equipment efficiently. Yoga mats, for example, can be rolled and tucked into a corner or a rack or a stand can be put to use for storing dumbbells, or weight plates.

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