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Life Fitness provides comprehensive technical and educational training opportunities administered by subject matter experts. Let our Association for Talent Development (ATD) certified professional trainers build a targeted training event that answers all your questions and solves all of your problems. Life Fitness is the only industry vendor that will customize on-site training to your specific needs.




Life Fitness Certification courses are designed for individuals with basic previous technical experience with fitness equipment. The program is in intensive fast-paced learning that guarantees advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic information will be learned. Through a new hybrid learning approach that combines remote e-learning with classroom practical training, every student will receive an extensive hands-on experience with all Life Fitness family of Brands products.
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Launched in 2021, Life Fitness is proud to offer remote training opportunities via our new e-learning platform. Access to this valuable resource provides hours of how-to videos, instruction videos, product presentations, and technical and administrative content essential for any field technician.
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When are certification and recertification trainings offered?

Training classes are generally offered on a quarterly basis. Many factors contribute to if/when a training course if being delivered including: attendance, new product, instructor availability, and to name a few. Certification classes will mostly be held in-person at our on-site training facility outside Chicago. Recertification classes may be delivered ‘on call’ if there is a business need and large enough list of attendees.

How much does training cost?

Training costs for certification and recertifications are currently being evaluated given our new hybrid learning approach. Please reach out to the training team for more information. Please reach out to for details.

How is the training information presented?

Life Fitness offers a number of different training modalities. Hands-on, in-person training has always been our bedrock of content delivery. More recently we have transitioned to an e-learning platform that allows technicians to take some or all of a training class remotely. Additionally, we can provide targeted webinars (or series of webinars), curated video content or specialized instruction.

What type of credentials do your technical trainers have?

All of our technical trainers have completed the Association for Talent Development (ATD) master certification training class. These credentials are updated annually and kept in good standing to ensure that we provide the best adult learning delivery methods possible for our training audiences.

Who on my team should attend a Life Fitness training?

Our technical training team is able to create content for anyone in your organization. This includes; technicians, maintenance or housekeeping employees, fitness staff, hospitality professionals, general and assistant managers and even owners. There is always something new to learn about our products and we encourage everyone on your team to learn more.