How to set up a perfect home gym

Planning to set up an ideal gym at home? This blog will guide you through the process to make things easier for you. You can set up your home gym anywhere; a spare room or garage will do the job. Even if you don’t have them, just a little space in your tiny room or bedroom will be enough.
While many criticize the idea of setting up a home gym, it is a worthwhile investment. As almost everyone is stuck in their daily schedule, the reasons to skip gym keep growing. We have put together the best indoor workout equipment list that you can find online to set up your home gym easily.

Pull-up bar:
Pull-ups are one of the most effective workouts for your upper body. Since it is a bodyweight exercise, it is a great way to build muscle in your arms. Apart from pull-ups, you can do various other basic gymnastic exercises on a pull-up bar. As they can fit inside any doorway, it is one of the basic home workout equipment you can get.

Plyometrics box:
They are also known as “jump training” as the activity basically involves jumping on and off. As your muscles exert maximum force within short intervals of time, you can sculpt your calf muscles effectively. You can also get a plyo box from our home fitness equipment store for other workouts like bench dips and other jumping exercises. If you are a beginner, we recommend you use it against a wall to keep it firm.

Medicine ball:
Medicine ball has become a popular thing among fitness enthusiasts for its versatile uses. These balls are available in various sizes and weights in the market. Go through our cardio exercise equipment section for the deals. They vary in weight from one to ten kilos and are an excellent option for increasing your core strength.

If you plan on setting up your home gym, Kettlebell should be on the top of your list. It can be the ideal option to improve your fitness level. You can burn up to 20 calories per minute effectively. Right from squats to push-ups, you will have unlimited options in it. Since you will be utilizing every muscle in your body, both men and women can benefit from it. You can find Kettlebell in every home fitness equipment store as it has several benefits.

Dumbbells offer you unlimited workout options. As they are cheaper than other equipment, almost everyone can afford them. Plus, you can store it anywhere in your house, be it under the study table, cot, cupboard, and more. Ensure that you choose the right dumbbell for you as there are several variants. Dumbbells are also referred to as the total home gym equipment for its unlimited uses. You can combine it with several other exercises for effective results.

Skipping rope:
If you haven’t touched your skipping rope since school days, now is the time to reminisce about the older times. Go through the types of skipping ropes and choose the ones that will suit your requirements and expectations. There is a reason why boxers train with skipping ropes as it helps to stabilize the whole body. Right from calves, hamstrings, quadriceps to forearms, deltoids, you can name every muscle in the body. It is a small piece of equipment and comes at a low cost. Your old skipping rope will not be useful now, and it’s time to get some workout accessories online.

Resistance bands:
They are also known as toning bands, and are widely available. Basically, it’s like a big sized rubber band that goes not-so easy on flexibility. They are highly effective at building strength and can be combined with several other exercises.

It is not possible to get everything done in a day. Research more about the above-mentioned equipment and pick the ones that suit your needs. You can gradually increase the workout time and intensity for better results. Get started with some basic equipment, and you will witness an unprecedented change in your fitness level if you do it on a regular basis.