How to exercise at home without any equipment?

Suppose you are too lazy to leave the house and yet looking for ways to stay fit, no issues. We got you covered! Why should you spend tons of money on membership and exercise equipment while you can do it at home easily? 

Most people who pay annual membership for gyms will not make use of it ultimately. They will eventually lose interest or will be occupied with other works. In fact, hitting the gym every day can be demanding as you will have other commitments. Apart from the hassles faced in traffic congestions, lack of interest, and schedule, you will have other problems too. 

By going with home workouts, you can save a lot of time and effort. You can train at your preferred time and stay fit. You can no longer complain about lack of time for not exercising. You can also use your household items as basic home workout equipment for better results. In this blog, we will cover the types of training and its benefits.


Let’s begin with the basics. Walking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise as it helps to strengthen the heart. You don’t need any fitness equipment to burn calories except for a good pair of shoes. Health professionals suggest that beginners should walk at least 5-10 minutes a day in order to stay fit. 

You can improve the timing gradually based on your efficiency. While walking, ensure that you have a good posture and placement as they are very important.

Interval training:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional; interval training will boost your fitness level in no time and help you lose weight faster. Since you will be performing various exercises at different paces, your calories will burn more quickly. The key is to push yourself gradually by increasing the time.


Squats is a common exercise and have been the favorite workout for trainers. As you will be using several muscles at once, squats is one of the best activities. In order to achieve the perfect form, ensure that your feet and shoulders are wide apart. Keep your back and ankle straight, and bend your knees.


Just like squats, lunges is also an effective home workout. Lunges can also help with improving your balance if you do it right. Keep your spine in a neutral position and bend your front knee. Focus on shifting your weight to the back of your toes. By holding your body in various positions, you can boost your fitness level to a great extent.

Push ups:

Push-up is an all-rounder when it comes to fitness. It conditions your chest, shoulder, triceps, and core trunk muscles. Experts will recommend push-ups to every beginner as they will burn calories at a faster pace. You can also use desks, chairs, benches, etc., as your basic home workout equipment before hitting the floor. In order to do a perfect push-up, remember to place your hands close to your body while lying in a face-down position. Now rise up by placing your arms exactly at shoulder-width apart. You can extend your hands further if you need some rigorous workouts. In this way, you can keep your glutes and abdominals engaged. Keep a stable torso while bending and lifting your body.

Abdominal crunches:

If you are looking forward to flat abs, this is the workout for you. Crunches can be an excellent workout to shed fat off your waist if done correctly. If you are a beginner, it would be best if you refer to some workout videos on the web. Just by doing crunches, you won’t get a flat stomach; however, you will burn more calories in a lesser time.

Bent over row:

Bent over row engages every major muscle on the upper back. There are several techniques to perform this, and you can choose the one that works best. However, the efficiency differs with every technique, and the results solely depend on how well you execute them.

Although there are numerous benefits of home workouts, it also has some drawbacks. We recommend you watch tutorials and study the techniques before getting started. Poor form can affect the whole performance and can lead to muscle sprain. Rather than helping you, it might hurt you. Furthermore, you can visit a home fitness equipment store to get dumbbells and weights for better results. Good luck with your fitness regime!