How do you determine your fitness level?

Do you want to start working on a fitness program? Congratulations if your answer is YES. You have to set your fitness goals and keep tracking your performance if you want to succeed in your fitness program. However, you have to consider a few things before setting your fitness goals. You should determine your fitness level and set the goals accordingly. Based on your fitness level, you can plan your fitness program and buy the right home fitness equipment from a good exercise equipment store.

Why should you determine your fitness level?
What will happen if your goals are over and above your fitness level and you overdo exercising in your exercise equipment?

  • You will not reach your goals. This will leave you frustrated and depressed.
  • The risk of getting injuries is enhanced.

If your goals are below your fitness level, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of exercising. So setting realistic goals is important. Do you want to know how to determine your fitness level? You can determine your fitness level with or without commercial exercise equipment. Let’s dig in and find the important ways.

Five important ways to determine your fitness level

  1. The RHR test to determine aerobic fitness
    Resting heart rate or RHR refers to the number of times your heart beats per minute when you are resting. To calculate RHR, place two fingers on your wrist and count the beats for 60 seconds, starting from zero. The number will vary depending upon your age and gender. RHR is directly proportional to your age. RHR is more in females than males. However, the average resting heart rate in adults is from 60 to 100. Your RHR will decrease when your fitness level increases. A high RHR is a sign of overstraining, and a low RHR is a sign of
  2. Pushup test to determine your muscular strength and endurance
    Count the number of pushups and sit-ups you can complete unless you become breathless and do no more.
    For men
    30 pushups can be rated with 5 stars
    25 can be rated with 4 stars
    20 can be rated with 3 stars and
    Less than 20 is not good and needs to be worked upon.
    For women
    25 pushups can be rated with 5 stars
    20 can be rated with 4 stars
    15 can be rated with 3 stars and
    Less than 15 is not good and needs to be worked upon.
  3. Plank test to determine core stability
    This test is also known as the probe bridge test. The hip should be off the ground. The face should face the ground. The body should be in a straight line. When you are in the correct plank position the time the stop clock should be started.
    100 to 120 seconds is considered to be an excellent core strength
    60 seconds or more is good
    30 to 60 seconds is average and
    Less than 30 seconds is not good and should be worked out.
  4. Burpee test to determine functional strength
    Burpee refers to a 4-position exercise. How to do this? Do a squat from a standing position with your back straight. Then place the hands on the ground and extend both legs back to go to plank position. Do a push-up and then go back to the squat position. Then jump into the air with your hands raised above your head. A burpee count of 15 to 25 is excellent for women and 30 to 40 for men.
  5. Stress test using a treadmill and other exercise equipment to determine the cardiac fitness
    A stress test is done in the hospital to determine cardiac fitness and the risk of heart disease. You will be asked to work out on exercise equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike. You have to walk on a treadmill or pedal a stationary exercise bike to track heart rate, blood pressure and electrocardiogram. This not only helps in identifying abnormal heart rhythm but also will help you to plan a safe exercise program. You can start your exercise cycle shopping from an exercise equipment store or get home exercise equipment online after this and start exercising without worrying about the risks of overstraining.

    Determine your fitness level before deciding which and how much workout is right for you.