Find Ways to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape

To get in shape and stay in shape you have to exercise, you have to go for a run or a walk or a jog or enroll in a gym to work out with commercial exercise equipment. Yes, this is a universally accepted fact. However, the pandemic has turned the world upside down. You just have to find ways to stay fit without stepping down from your home. Here are a few simple and easy-to-follow ways to stay in shape without leaving your home and without putting up a lot of effort.

1.Plank whenever possible

Planking is the most effective workout to tighten your core muscles and get rid of the belly fat. Experts believe that it is better than crunches and squats. The best thing about plank is you can do it anywhere and anytime. You can do it even if you are too busy with office work at home. You just need 30 seconds or a minute. If you are bored with the standard plank, there are many variations like forearm plank, knee plank, one-handed plank, side plank and reverse plank. You can start with 30 seconds and increase the time gradually. You don’t need any commercial exercise equipment for planking.

2.Get a treadmill

There are many keen walkers, runners, and joggers who can’t imagine starting a day without walking or running or jogging. If you are a running enthusiast you should get the best treadmill for home gym from a good exercise equipment store. When you have a treadmill at home, you have the flexibility of going for a 5-minute or 10-minute run whenever you get spare time. You can save the money you pay as a monthly gym subscription. The risk of tripping and injuries due to hard concrete floors is avoided when running on the best treadmill for home gym.3.Eat right

It is not necessary to adhere to strict diet plans for weight loss. This will deprive your body of getting all the essential nutrients. For example, some diet plans strictly ask you to avoid carbohydrates but in reality, your body needs carbohydrates that supply glucose. Without glucose, you will feel weak, dizzy, nervous and irritable. So it is important that you make sure your body gets all nutrients. Include a lot of whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid processed foods and foods with too much sugar content.

4.Drink right

You should drink at least two litres of water a day

  • To keep your body hydrated
  • To improve digestion
  • To flush out the toxins from your body
  • To increase the oxygen supply to all organs
  • To keep your joints lubricated

Avoid soft drinks as they are loaded with calories and sugar. Avoid caffeinated energy drinks as they may cause side effects like anxiety, sleeplessness, and bloating of the stomach.5. Get exercise equipment

Exercising can become boring if you don’t like what you are doing. It is important that you do what you like to do. This will inspire you to work out regularly. If you like to exercise using exercise equipment, go for it. You have a plethora of commercial exercise equipment to suit your budget and needs. You can get the best upright stationary bike or best treadmill for home gym or dumbbells or leg press or chest press elliptical machine or rowing machine or barbell or push-up bar, pull-up bar or any other equipment. They are available at all price ranges. Equipment like resistance bands and jump ropes are very cheap and their prices are lesser than 500 rupees. The price of a treadmill can range from 15000 to 400000 or even more. Make sure you buy the right equipment to suit your budget from the best exercise equipment store.

6. Take little breaks from workWhen you work from home you should avoid sitting for long hours before your computer. Sitting for a long time will cause health issues. Take at least a 5-10 minutes break every hour. Walk a little and stretch before resuming your work. This will help you to stay in shape and stay healthy. When you plan your workouts you should make up a mix-up routine to avoid monotony and to ensure full-body workout. Visiting a commercial equipment store near you will give you an idea of various exercise equipment and to decide on what to buy.