Exercise equipment requires very little space to do workouts

As the country started to advance in technology, resulting in employment opportunities for many individuals and are recruited only if they are willing to move to the company’s location which is most of the metropolitan cities. You might have higher chances of getting end up in studio apartments or desirable BHK homes or PGs’. All these places are comfortable for a living but not sure they might provide spaces for your fitness exercise equipment. No worries there, we have a simple solution, get ready to bring your home gym supplies and start your workout effectively today! Here, we have listed some of the compact exercise equipment that may fit in your apartment to do your routine. 


Who is not a fan of dumbbells? They don’t even need much space. It is a piece of perfect equipment for indoor and outdoor workouts. Dumbbells can be adjusted from 2.2 to 11 pounds due to the removable weight bars inside. It contains an ergonomic, slip-resistant handle.

Resistance Band

Resistance Band is right for people who live in exceptionally small spaces. It is one of the most selling exercise equipment online. This simple equipment can slide under your bed or be stored in your closet. The one best thing is that it uses stretchy resistance, not weights. 


The kettlebell will be the right choice when it comes to killer workouts. Kettlebell is one of the best at-home gym suppliesthat come in seven weight sizes to choose from. It has an ergonomic design and non-slip handle, just right for your regular routine. 

Compact Elliptical Machine

Compact Elliptical Machine is full-body exercise gear intended for moderate to high-intensity home exercise. This machine is suitable for beginners who are looking for full-body fitness from the comfort of their homes. It has eight resistance levels that deliver intense benefits in just 14 minutes. 

Folding Exercise Bike

A simple, elegant, and compact design made it best for home workouts. This folding bike is capable of supporting up to a 300-pound person and has a large and comfortable seat cushion. It measures your pulse while you exercise. You can order this home exercise equipment online easily. 

Workout Bench and Fitness Station

This would be a great option for anyone who wants to do a good satisfied workout within a small space. This foldable exercise equipment can be configured in 16 different ways. It is suitable for cardio workouts.  This would be one of the best home gym supplies you might find online. 

Inflatable Exercise Ball

When you got limited space, the mini version of the inflatable exercise ball is a great option. These balls are quite utilized in a lot of barre classes and are incredible for exercises that focus on your abs and inner thighs. Most people like to do crunches on these balls, burns fat so good! Utilize the availability of this exercise equipment online for a cheap price.

Folding Treadmill

Go for running outside is not always feasible. Folding Treadmill is perfect for people who live in small spaces like studio apartments. Use it when you need to work out and when it’s not in use, it can easily be folded up and stored beneath your bed. This fold-flat treadmill has a display monitor, heart rate sensors, and a 3.0 horsepower motor. 

Compact Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine is a great way to work out your muscles without increasing your heart rate. This machine is great for anyone who wants to burn as much as possible. With the adjustable hydraulic resistance, you can choose the intensity of your strokes. These folding arms will save you more space and easy storage.

Under Desk Pedaler

Feeling drowsy from sitting in one spot for quite a long time while working from home? Keep your energy and productivity up (and get in a little exercise) with the Desk Pedaler. Basically, place the pedals underneath your workstation to take it for a twist. The unit incorporates a screen that tracks speed, time, distance, and calories burned.

Well, that just about wraps up the discussion of few pieces of compact exercise equipment. You can always get these home exercise equipment online easily. Hopefully, you’ll make fitness a priority in your life.