Exciting fitness trends to keep you motivated and energetic

Doing the same workout routines and using the same cardio exercise equipment for workouts can lead to boredom. If you want to feel motivated to work out you need to try some new exciting fitness trends new fitness accessories. Here are a few interesting fitness trends and new fitness accessories India that you can try.

Gone are the days when yoga was just Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga or Bikram Yoga. Today there is a plethora of yoga styles to try. This will make your workout sessions interesting and help in shedding the extra weight you carry and in toning your muscles fast. What are the different styles of yoga that you can try?

  • Acro yoga – It is also referred to as ‘pair yoga’. As it combines acrobatics and yoga it is called acro yoga. When you practice various yoga postures with a partner your postures get corrected. It also adds fun to your yoga sessions.
  • Aerial yoga – This style of yoga uses a hammock hung from the ceiling. Inverted postures done on hammocks increases blood supply to your brain. It also helps you to gain a better balance.
  • Ball yoga – When you use an exercise ball to do yoga you have to make sure you don’t fall from the ball. The ball may roll away if you are not fully balanced. This challenge makes ball yoga interesting.
  • Aqua Yoga – This is similar to water aerobics. It helps in increasing your flexibility and decreases the risks of injuries as water makes yoga a low impact exercise.
  • Block yoga – Using yoga blocks gives extra stretch to your body and extra perfection to the postures.

2.High-Intensity Interval Training

This exercise trend is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It refers to the workout style that refers to short bursts of high-intensity workouts followed by low-intensity workouts or rest. It is the best for weight lifting, running, working out on cardio exercise equipment like treadmill and stationary bike etc. You have to start with a 1:2 ratio of exercise to rest. Then gradually you have to increase the workout time. This can be highly challenging and exciting.3. Virtual fitness workouts

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. From schools to offices, everything has gone online. Virtual online classes are cheaper than gym subscriptions. You can exercise any time convenient to you. You can join a virtual group and it can be fun working out with them. You will be motivated to exercise daily.4.Home workouts

More and more people are working out at home because of the risk of the corona. If you are one of them, it is high time you upgraded your home workouts. There are new fitness accessories India like resistance band, gym ropes, adjustable dumbbells and suspension trainer equipment etc. These accessories are small in size to suit even small homes and cheap to suit small budgets. If budget and space are not an issue you can go for the updated versions of cardio exercise equipment like exercise spin bike or indoor stair climber or the new elliptical cross trainer etc. When you have your home gym updated you are sure to feel motivated and inspired.5.Wearable devices

Wearable devices have become an important part of today’s fitness trend and are becoming more popular. Simple fitness devices like a heart monitor, pedometer and calorie counters have been combined into single devices. They can be connected to smart mobile phones to save, share, and compare your fitness data. What are the features of wearable fitness technology?

  • Heart monitor – This feature helps in measuring your heart rate to find the intensity of your workout and the level of exercise you can do without overexertion.
  • Calorie monitor or counter – This helps in counting the calories you eat. You will also be able to get data on the vitamins you are getting and how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you are consuming. You can make changes to your diet accordingly.
  • Step counter – It counts the number of steps and calculates the distance you have walked.
  • Exercise tracker – This feature tracks how much exercise you do and the calories you burn a day.
  • Sleep monitor – It tells you how many hours you slept and how restful your sleep was.

Get the best fitness accessories india and go for a variety of fitness workouts to ensure you are motivated and energetic.