Best fitness routines that you can do with your kids

Kids must have a healthy lifestyle to gain confidence, strength, and muscle coordination. It is advisable to lay a good groundwork for the kid’s growth while they are at their peak of physical and mental development.

Kids’ exercise regimes don’t have to be difficult, it could be one of the family’s fun activities too.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of fitness exercises you can do at home without the use of “professional” fitness equipment. However, many people use fitness equipment for better control and balance. 

It is natural for anyone to get bored if it is repeated with the same exercise routine. Juggle up your exercises by referring to videos available on the internet or get a quick training session from your immediate fitness specialist.

What’s the optimal level of exercise for your kid?

It is recommended to have at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. Even walking to the grocery store or bicycling also counts.

  1. Most of your kid’s exercise should be occupied with aerobic exercise such as running, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and so on.
  2. Moderate to strong exercises can be promoted with adequate break times for a fuller exercise plan. (You have your moderate level of activity for the day when you can talk but not sing).
  3. Bone strengthening and muscle strengthening exercises should be done 3 days a week.
  4. With adequate safety precautions/training, weight lifting can be done.

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  1. The STAR jump – Stand straight and jump while extending your arms and legs to make it look like a big “X” mark. Make sure to exclaim “I’m a Star” mid-air and challenge your kid to do the same.
  2. Squats – Kids would love this quick challenge. Stand up straight, keep your hands straight in front of you, and complete a 60-second knee bend. Challenge your kid on who can do the deep bends.
  3. Balloon Juggling – It is a fun activity to keep up with eye-hand coordination. Air a balloon and throw it in the air. The challenge is to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible. If it touches the ground, the kid is out. It is a party with more balloon colors and kids.
  4. Lemon and spoon – As nostalgic as it gets, it is a great way for balancing. Keep a lemon in a spoon and ask them to hold it in their mouth till they finish a roundabout around the house. No touching or dropping the lemon midway. Try to pass on to the next member till you are tired.
  5. Exercise to Music – Exercise is more fun with music. Stay in sync with your favourite music while exercising.
  6. Skipping – It is always handy to have a jumping rope and check how many skips that a kid can do in a set amount of time. You can also challenge them on how many skips they do without tripping over or stopping. 

Kids around the age of 3 to 5 require the most out of physical activities for healthier physical growth. Schools are generally more organized with physical and activities like sports and dance classes. But these are not the only type of activities that work.

Use their passion!

It could be a hobby for them like collecting things, climbing, decoration, indoor and outdoor sports, etc.

Be a fitness role model for your children; their activities will motivate them. It could be a regular domestic routine like gardening, walking the dog, brisk walking, bike ride, or even going to the nearest grocery shop.

Create a brisk environment that supports your physical and mental growth.

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