Best compact exercise equipment for small spaces

Adopting the apartment lifestyle has made it difficult to work out at home as people have space restrictions. Living in metropolitan cities has its pros and cons. We will have access to almost everything, and most of the time, our essentials will be a walk away.

There are tons of things one can do in a city; party nights to restaurants, you got everything. The only thing that bugs people living in the city is the space and cost of living. Both are linear in nature; if you require an apartment at a minimal budget, then you shouldn’t expect much room to keep your fitness equipment.

So if you live with your family or partner, what is the solution for it? What can you do if you are just starting your career or if you are still in college? Well, you can buy basic home workout equipment for your apartment or house that are compact and foldable.

This blog is aimed at people who have limited space. The home gym supplies mentioned in this blog are easy-to-store, small, and super effective. Let’s get started.

Yoga ball:

Yoga ball is a widely used piece of equipment and can be used for multiple purposes. Exercises involving yoga ball primarily focus on strength and core training. Since you can perform multiple exercises like sit-ups, planks, etc., with this ball, it is an effective way to burn more calories.


A treadmill provides the benefit of running and jogging without having to leave your home irrespective of the time. Basically, treadmills are of two types: electric and manual. In electric treadmills, you will have button-based controls for the speed of the mat and angle. Whereas in a manual treadmill, you should pull the running mat yourself. In comparison, manual treadmills help burn more calories than electronic treadmills.

Climber Machines:

Climber machines are an ideal solution for working out in small spaces. It helps you to lose weight at a faster pace and is very useful for core workouts. Your body will be evenly stressed, which means you can double the number of calories burnt.


Dumbbells are easily one of the most preferred indoor fitness equipment for everyone. They come in multiple sizes and weights, adding more value to them. Dumbbells are easy to carry around and help extensively in strengthening and conditioning your body.

Punching Bags:

Punching balls are very sturdy and durable. You just need a hook to hang it in your home as it is just filled with air and silicon. However, wear hand gloves and or wrap properly before getting started. It will reduce the chances of injuries, pain, and skin irritation to a great extent. Punching bags are great for relaxation and conditioning of fists.


Kettlebells are the favorite of every gym-goer. It offers you the advantages of reducing a 1-hour workout to 20 minutes in a day. Ensure that you get adjustable kettlebells as you can easily change their weights as required. It leaves a remarkable change in your body within a short time and will increase the heartbeat.

Foam Rollers:

A foam roller does not occupy much space in a house, and so it would be ideal basic home workout equipment you need. You can easily stretch your muscles and transform your body. Foam rollers can also help with increasing their bone density.

Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands that are used for travel are probably underrated equipment in this list. It can be easily adopted into your strength training modules. The practicality of resistance bands are incredibly high and will have different weights.

Pull – Up Tower:

Pull-up towers are ideal for you if you love doing pull-ups. It is an effective way to build serious strength and muscle. However, if you are a person who isn’t interested in pull-ups, you might have to reconsider the options.


Sometimes getting a new piece of gym equipment is all you need to start working out from home. It will provide you the motivation you need initially, and as you exercise regularly, you will start seeing visible results. We hope this article helped you to find the best compact exercise equipment for small spaces.